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The Water Line

Grasshoppers of the lake
LMVP's 30th anniversary,
National Lakes Assessment,
Leaf Litter
20212021 Sampling:
Improving data quality
Aquatic Fungi
2020Goose Poop2020 Update,
No more bucket
2019Quality Control:
the Split Sample
Tracking Turnover
Introducing R.O.S.S.
LMVP measures another toxin
2017Lake or Pond?
How to tell the difference
2016 Algal Toxin Results
2016Help Stop HydrillaDIY Swing Sampler
Surface Microlayer:
Life at the top of the lake
Measuring Algal Toxins
in Missouri Lakes
Older issues (1997-2015) available in our archive

Check here for documents related to Missouri lake water quality. Generally these are peer-reviewed journal articles written by LMVP staff or MU faculty or that use LMVP data. More documents will be added as they are referenced in The Water Line.

LMVP Documents for Volunteers
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