Courtois and Huzzah Creeks

These two clearwater gems, which join to add their waters to the Meramec River in Crawford County, are only about 100 miles from St. Louis.  Although they are too small to provide adequate floating water at all seasons, the angler will find them pleasant and profitable floating and wading streams.  In seasons of good water, the canoeist will find them quite sporty.  Their valleys are relatively unspoiled and have real Ozark atmosphere.  It would gbe wise to check water levels of these creeks at Hwy. 8 bridges before attempting floats upstream from the highway.  The names of the creeks are pronounced locally as Coort-a-way and Hoo-za.

Difficulty frequently II due to sharp turns, obstructions and narrow channels.
Gradients Hwy. V to town of Huzzah - 8.9; from town to Huzzah down - 7.
Counties Crawford

Courtois Creek

Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type Description Ramp Camp
0 37.845004 -91.056274 Other Access Brazil low-water bridge on road between Hwy. Y and Palmer. Better put-in below Hazel Creek. No No
2.4 37.870875 -91.058727 Other Feature Hazel Creek on right. No No
3 37.875751 -91.056242 Other Access Hazel Creek Recreation Area and access in Mark Twain National Forest. No No
4.5 37.8923 -91.080664 Other Access County Road Bridge. Private access. No No
6.7 37.916087 -91.099398 Other Feature Lost Creek on right. No No
6.9 37.918687 -91.101107 Other Access Hwy. 8 Bridge. Access difficult at highway. No No
11.5 37.958478 -91.137012 Other Access Low-water bridge. Private camping and parking. No No
12.9 37.967426 -91.151511 Other Feature Rocky rapids, which resembles an old mill race, provides good run against right bank. Watch for down trees! No No
15.4 37.99478 -91.163081 Other Access Butts low-water bridge. Good access, campsite or lunch spot. Henpeck Hollow Creek on right. Private campground and access. No No
15.6 37.994405 -91.16805 Other Feature Private campground and access. No No
16.3 37.99327 -91.179019 Other Feature Low-water bridge on private road. No No
17.8 38.007293 -91.191469 Other Feature Take left channel. This is beginning of The Narrows, a narrow, fairly fast section of the creek. Watch for logs and down trees. No No
18.2 38.007586 -91.19569 Other Feature Cave on left. Good shelter though short. No No
18.4 38.008729 -91.196957 Other Feature End of Narrows. No No
19.4 38.019402 -91.188229 Other Feature Doss Branch on right. No No
20.4 38.026745 -91.208927 Other Feature Huzzah Conservation Area and access, on right, at end of campground. No Yes
21.2 38.026077 -91.209813 Other Feature Junction with Huzzah Creek. Next take-out 0.3 mile downstream at low-water bridge off Hwy. E. No No

Huzzah Creek

Name Latitude Longitude Feature Type Description Ramp Camp
0 37.738243 -91.203017 Other Access Dillard access. Only floatable in good water. No No
6 37.799766 -91.171284 Other Access Hwy. V Bridge. Private campground and access. 8.3 Red Bluff on right. Access on left. 8.8 Low-water bridge access. 15.3 Shoal Creek on right. No No
8.3 37.815777 -91.168286 Other Access Red Bluff on right. Access on left No No
8.8 37.82119 -91.179706 Other Access Low-water bridge access. No No
15.3 37.894497 -91.16 Other Feature Shoal Creek on right. No No
16.3 37.906793 -91.163 Other Access Access at low-water bridge, off Hwy. Z. 17.3 Spring branch on left. No No
17.3 37.913843 -91.167572 Other Feature Spring branch on left. No No
17.5 37.920317 -91.16915 Other Access Private access and campground just across low-water bridge. No No
23 37.974193 -91.205104 Other Access Dry Creek on left just above Hwy. 8 Bridge. Dry Creek includes water from James Spring, which has a flow of more than a million gallons per day. Access at bridge. Private campground and access on right, before Hwy. 8 Bridge. No No
28.1 38.026164 -91.211748 Other Feature Junction with Courtois Creek. No No
Spring 37.91294 -91.17778 Other Feature No No

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