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Role of contemporary and historic vegetation on nutrients in Missouri reservoirs: implications for developing nutrient criteria. Jones, J.R., M.F. Knowlton, D.V. Obrecht, A.P. Thorpe, J.D. Harlan. 2009. Lake and Reserv. Manage. 25(1): 111-118

Nutrients, seston and transparency of Missouri reservoirs and oxbow lakes: an analysis of regional limnology. Jones, J.R., D.V. Obrecht, B.D. Perkins, M.F. Knowlton, A.P. Thorpe, S. Watanabe, R.R. Bacon. 2008.Lake and Reserv. Manage. 24(2):155-180.

Jones, J.R., M.F. Knowlton and D.V. Obrecht. 2008. Role of land cover and hydrology in determining nutrients in mid-continent reservoirs: implications for nutrient criteria and management. Lake Reserv. Manage. 24:1−9

Papers concerning the Lake of the Ozarks

Knowlton, M.F. and J.R. Jones. 2006. Temporal variation and assessment of trophic state indicators in Missouri reservoirs: implication for lake monitoring and management. Lake and Reserv. Manage. 22(3):261-271

Knowlton, M.F. and J.R. Jones. 2006. Natural Variability in lakes and reservoirs should be recognized in setting nutrient criteria. Lakes and Reserv. Manage. 22(2): 161-166.

Obrecht, D.V., A.P. Thorpe and J.R. Jones. 2005. Responses in the James River Arm of Table Rock Lake, Missouri (USA) to point-source phosphorus reduction. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 29: 1043-1048.

Water Line article dealing with the above study

A more detailed summary of the work

Jones, J.R. and M.F. Knowlton. 2005. Suspended solids in Missouri reservoirs in relation to catchment features and internal processes. Water Research 39: 3629-3635.

Jones, J.R. and M.F. Knowlton. 2005. Chlorophyll response to nutrients and non-algal seston in Missouri reservoirs and oxbow lakes. Lake and Reserv. Manage. 21(3):361-371.

Graham, J.L., J.R. Jones, S.B. Jones, J.A. Downing and T.E. Clevenger. 2004 Environmental factors influencing microcystin distribution and concentration in the Midwestern United States. Water Research 38: 4395-4404.

Jones, J.R., M.F. Knowlton, D.V. Obrecht and E.A. Cook. 2004. Importance of landscape variables and morphology on nutrients in Missouri Reservoirs. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 61: 1503-1512.

Two page LMVP document created for volunteers that distills some of the information in the above article

Obrecht, D.V., M. Milanick, B.D. Perkins, D. Ready and J.R. Jones. 1998. Evaluation of data generated from lake samples collected by volunteers. Lake and Reserv. Manage. 14(1): 21-27.

Jones, J.R., M.F. Knowlton and M.S. Kaiser. 1998. Effects of Aggregation on Chlorophyll-Phosphorus Relations in Missouri Reservoirs. Lake and Reserv. Manage. 14(1):1-9.

Perkins, Bruce D., K. Lohman, E. Van Nieuwenhuyse and J.R. Jones. 1998. An examination of land cover and stream water quality among physiographic provinces of Missouri, USA. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol.26: 940-947.

Knowlton, M.F. and J.R. Jones. 1995. Temporal and spatial dynamics of suspended sediment, nutrients, and algal biomass in Mark Twain Lake, Missouri. Arch. Hydrobiol. 135(2):145-178.

Water Line article summarizing the above study

Jones, J.R. and M.F. Knowlton. 1993. Limnology of Missouri Reservoirs: An Analysis of Regional Patterns. Lake and Reserv. Manage. 8(1): 17-30.

Jones, J.R., 1977. Chemical Characteristics of some Missouri Reservoirs. Trans. Mo. Acad. Sci. 11:58-71

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