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A Paddler's Guide to Missouri
Planning Your Trip
Paddling Equipment
River Running Pointers
Keeping Rivers Wild and Natural
Know Trespass Laws

Map and Text Key
Difficulty Ratings for Rivers

Northern Streams

    South Fabius
    Lamine River
    Salt River and Tributaries
        North Fork
        Middle Fork
        Elk Fork
        South Fork
        Salt River
Grand River and East Fork Tributary
Missouri River
Safety Tips
Missouri River Maps

Osage Region   

Sac River
Cedar Creek
Pomme de Terre River
Niangua River
Moreau River and Tributaries
    North Moreau River
    Soth Moreau River
Small Tributaries of the Osage
    Weaubleau Creek
    Little Niangua River
    Grand Auglaize Creek
    Tavern Creek
    Maries River

Central Ozark Region
Gasconade River and Tributary
    Little Piney Creek
The Osage Fork of the Gasconade
Big Piney River

Meramec Valley Region
Meramec River
Bourbeuse River
Big River and Tributary
    Mineral Fork

Courtois & Huzzah Creeks

Southwestern Region
Spring River
Center Creek
Shoal Creek
Elk River
Big Sugar Creek
Little Sugar Creek
Indian Creek

White River Region
James River and Tributaries
    Finley Creek
    Crane Creek
Roaring River
Flat Creek
Bull Creek
Swan Creek
Beaver Creek
North Fork River of the White River
Bryant Creek

Ozark National Rivers/Taum Sauk Region
Current River
Jacks Fork River
Eleven Point River
Black River
St Francis River
    Big Creek
Missouri Department of Conservation Offices
Technical Notes