The Project

This is a work-in-process, to convert A Paddler's Guide to Missouri into an electronic format.  The inspiration for this work was to support the KayakSwarm in their effort to document the streams of Missouri, gathering a history of photographs and water chemistry samples.

With permission from the Department of Conservation, I have converted the text of the book into an electronic format, and added coordinate information.  The maps have been converted into kml format, for viewing with either Google Earth, or Google Maps (on-line).  GPX files have also been created for those who wish to download coordinates to a GPS device.

Coordinate information has been initially obtained by map overlays in in Google Earth, visually identifying the points.  Some coordinates have been 'ground truthed' by GPS while navigating the rivers.  All coordinate information is provided for planning purpose, with no guarantee or responsibility for actual accuracy (the legal disclaimer).

Paddlers Guide Cover