Whitecliff Thermocline Study

Data till 04/27/2011

The themochrons were pulled 04/27/2012 for reading and redeployed on 4/28/2012.  All housings ("Muskrat Armor") and bottles were intact with no damage.  All of the polycarbonate prototype housings were also in good condition.

After reading the data and starting analysis, it was evident there was a data problem.  The ending data on three of the thermochrons (10, 15, and 25 feet) were not the actual current date.  Either the prior reading (removing the thermochron from the reader?), or this reading caused a date shift.  On closer inspection, not only was the end date off, but the date of the last calibration (reading) was off.  By aligning on the last calibration data, all of the data was corrected (matched the end date).  This was not a clock drift issue with the thermochron hardware, but a data issue.

Spreadsheet of thermochron readings

All data from 1/1/2012 to 4/27/2012
thermochron readings

Addition of NOAA min/max temperatures (Lambert Airport).  Composite data from January through December, filtered for top two readings (Top and 25 foot).